RPG Legend of Ixtona App Reviews

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Its awesome!

I just started it and its great, I cant wait to keep playing it!

D pad

The touch interface is wonky and it lags a little. If there were a d pad option Id give it a five

Excellent FFT RPG!

Ive played this game for a few hours, and I can tell you for the price, it is excellent. While it is nothing that will win huge reviews, this game is very similar to others of this genre such as: Final Fantasy tactics, vandal hearts, Jean DArc. In this game you can change classes, forge materials, send characters to mine materials and replay levels to boost levels.

Fun fft clone

For those of us who are fft (Final Fantasy tactics) fanatics, the lack of solid fft-like srpgs in the AppStore has been disappointing. While this game is a little rough around the edges, Im really enjoying it, and I think its a great addition to the genre. Strategic combat in an fft-like grid, complex job & crafting systems, and a variety of maps & terrains to battle in. If you like this type of games, I recommend it!

Fun SRPG!!!

Very neat SRPG especially for the price. Recommend if you like old strategy like games similar to SNES RPGs .

Been waiting for this

Im glad they finally made a awesome game where we get a bunch of teammates instead of their usual 4 to 5 (rare) party games. I hope they make more games like this.


Its a nice lil srpg just wish it was a lil longer hope to see more srpg from kemco In the future

Fun to play

This game plays much like the Fire Emblem series. The storyline is interesting and characters are diverse. I wish I could build my character to be different races with unique classes. There also isnt a very diverse weapons list

Shining Force clone

Surprised none of the other reviewers made the observation, this is basically Kemcos version of Shining Force (the ORIGINAL in this genre). Beautiful game, excellent graphics, great price...

Exactly what Ive been looking for

Absolutely in love with everything. The story, characters, game play is perfect!


Very fun I just wish they had different costumes!!

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